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What You Should Know as a Gospel Artiste/Singer


What you should know as a Gospel Artiste

Basic Musical Terms you Should Know as a Gospel Artiste

There are a lot of musical terms used in the Gospel Music Mindustry and knowing what these terms means is useful in expanding your knowledge music wise as an upcoming singer.

I discovered that 50% of Upcoming Gospel Musicians/Artiste I converse with on daily basis as regards their music don’t know most of these terms, So I came up with this article to save myself and other Christian Media Practitioners from the stress of explanation.

Are you an Upcoming Artistes and you want to become a better Gospel Singer in the Gospel Music Mindustry? Here’s your Calvary, Below, I explain briefly the most commonly used musical terms in the Gospel Music Mindustry.

  • Press Release:

A press release is a tool used to give artiste free publicity. A press release must be a simple and well written note that provides news to Publishers and other media people. Music-wise, A press release can be of many form which includes, Artiste Press Release, Song or Album Press Release, Event Press Release etc.

While writing a press release about your song or album, don’t forget to include the inspiration behind the song, bible quotes in relation to the song (if necessary) and why people should listen to such song.

  • Song/Album Art Cover:

A song or album art cover is a piece of graphic designed to show the song or album title, artiste names, artiste’s record label, artiste’s picture (sometimes optional) and artiste’s social media handles. A professional art cover should be a perfect square with sizes ranging from 1080 x 1080 Pixels to 4000 x 4000 pixels.

However, if you are meant to distribute your song on digital platforms, the art cover should only show the Artiste’s Picture, Stage Name and Song title, Logos or Social Media Handles should not be added and such art cover must at least 4000 x 4000 pixels in size. If your art cover does not meet the above requirement, your song may be rejected on stores.

An professional Art Cover should have good quality with good design, should you need a professional Art Cover for your next release, Contact Us.

  • Music/Song Upload: This is done when your song is published on a single blog by a blogger, you should note that this is not a Music/Song Promotion.
  • Music/Song Promotion: Music promotion is when your song is publicized further by a blogger or a promoter. You should note that Music Promotion comes in different forms some of them are; Blog Distribution, Sponsored Ads on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), Digital Store Distribution, Blog Promotion, Mixtape Promotion through CD Vendors, Radio/Air Plays, Video Promotion on YouTube, Promotion on Google using Google Adwords.

 Should you need Promotion for your next release, Contact Us.

  • Downloads: This is an act of copying music or videos from the internet (usually a blog or a website) into your Phone’s or Computer’s Memory. By downloading a song, it means you can listen to the song anytime you want without visiting the internet again.
  • Streaming: This means listening to music or watching video in ‘real time’, instead of downloading it to your computer or phone to listen to or watch it later. Streaming is commonly used on most Digital Stores. Here, you’ll need to visit the website, store or app whenever you want to listen to a song or watch a video.
  • Single: A single is a record that is released with only one or two songs. A single should not be longer than 25 Minutes.
  • EP: An Extended Play is often referred to as EP or mini-albums. This is a musical record that has between four (4) and six tracks (6) and not longer that 30 Minutes.
  • Album: An album is a musical recording that has 7 or more tracks. Anything lesser than 7 tracks is not considered an Album.
  • Mixtape: A mixtape is a compilation of songs or music from multiple artistes, it can also be compilation of different songs from an artiste. A mixtape is produced to give publicity to the songs featured on it
  • Medley: A medley is a song recorded from parts of existing songs. A medley can contains more than three songs
  • More will be added….. You can bookmark to get the updates.

 I hope you learned something new today, let me know what you think by dropping your questions, comments or contributions below


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  • This is a nice article sir Olalekan… more of such articles should be published here sir.
    Articles on issues relating to other Creatives like Artists/Brand/ Talent management, A&R and all of that. I’m a Muslim but I just love these christian songs and their platforms.

  • Many Platforms hardly post articles about / for the sake of emerging music artists..
    Sir you should begin to scout for younger folks in the Christian music community and publish articles to propel them. Check out platforms like Naijagospelbeats , Worshipculture , TmhNationblog, they post articles frequently and it’s quite encouraging. You’re doing a lot too but publish more articles on your platform. I love Sounds4TheKing

  • I’m Alexandra Itohan…. This article is a good one sir , Keep it up.
    Sounds4TheKing remains one of my favorite christian media outlets

  • Hello sir, I’m an Upcoming artiste…
    What’s your suggestion about album releases for Upcoming artiste?? I was told not to release an album now but an EP of 5 tracks

    • Releasing an album at the early stage of your career is not advisable.

      You should rather keep on releasing singles until you are sure you have enough fan base then you can go for an album.

      Thank you 🙏

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