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6 Things You Need To Do Before You Record Your First Song


Releasing a single is a way of entering into your music career and creating a fan base. There are artistes whose first debut is their hit single and there are some who had a hit song after releasing several singles. Having a hit single depends on what you plan and how you utilize each plan before or after you release the said single.

You are not in the music industry yet, you want to make your first impression, let’s just say your debut single is your “interview” into the music industry, if your first impression is bad then am afraid it would be very hard for your to recover from the flop. Below are the 6 things you need to do before you release your first single.


As an upcoming gospel artiste planning to release his/her first single, a good stage name should be the first thing you get. You can use your real name; there are many gospel artistes who uses there real as their stage name such as Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edwards, Tope Alabi, Don Moen, Travis Greene etc. If you think you can’t use your real name as your stage name then you should look for a short and appealing name which your fans should be able to remember easily.

Use a unique stage name, don’t introduce yourself as “Mr. A” today and call yourself “Mr. B” tomorrow. Also your stage name says a lot about your music, you can’t be a gospel artiste and chose to use “kingpin” as your stage name.



As I have written earlier, your first single matters a lot to your fan, use short and understandable title for your first single.

This is the mistake I made when I released my first single, people would have to ask me to tell them the meaning of the title for my song before they download it, funny isn’t? So I would advise you to use a title people won’t have to Google for before they know the meaning. Titles like using Latin names should be taken off of your mind if you want your first single to make a hit.



Good production is the heart of every good music, the quality of your production will tell if people or your fans are going to download or listen to your next single/album. My first single had a very rough production reason that was why I got comments like “hey bro! You had nice lyrics but the PRODUCTION WAS AWFUL”.

You might have nice lyrics or angelic voice but without good production, ALL IS NOTHING. Before you employ any producer to master/mix your song ask them to give you their previous works, sample them and decide if it’s a good production or not before you put your money on it.



Creating awareness about your first single which is coming out next month, two weeks or next week is something you can’t do without.

You can do this yourself by posting about your upcoming songs on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or you pay gospel music bloggers to hype the upcoming single on their blog and social media (this will enhance your chances of getting more downloads). Want us to do this for your upcoming song? 


One thing is to release your songs and another thing is how people who are not around you will be able to download the song. I know you may think of uploading your songs on free website likedatafilehost, tindek, mynotjustokay etc. but I will advise you not to do so because there are many disadvantages to attached to it.

You should rather pay bloggers to upload your songs on their blog this would in another way improve your presence on the internet and also make your song reachable to more audience in such a way that once they upload your song on their blog, they would also post your song link on all their social media accounts. We do this at cheaper rate


  1. PROMOTE YOURSELF: This is very important after your debut single. Don’t rely on bloggers promoting your song; you can promote the link to your song yourself. You can do this by creating a Facebook Fan page, Instagram Business Account and Twitter where you post the link to your song and promote it with paid adverts at cheaper rate (facebook offer at N199 Per day).

Don’t forget to post your song links on Instagram and Twitter with appropriate hashtags.


NOTE: Post your download links on your social media accounts twice or thrice a week because not everyone on your list will see your post if you post it once.

I hope you have learned a lot from this article. Do you have a question? Contribution or simply want to comment? Feel free to drop one below.

Olalekan Adebulu
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  • Thanks so much for this article. I have questions please.

    1. Would there be any financial benefit for me after paying a blogger to upload my song for me?

    2. Is there any way I can make back the money I spent on the Production of my music and even make profit on it by making my music go viral on social media platforms?

    I would be glad if my questions are well answered, thanks in anticipation.

    I’m Princess.

    • Here are the answers to you questions.

      1. DIRECTLY: There are no financial benefit for uploading your song on a blog through a blogger nevertheless, your song will be exposed to more audience (visitors of the blog) which will in turn result in more downloads.

      INDIRECTLY, if you distribute your song on digital stores and you publish it on a blog, it means the more people Stream your song from the blog, the more income you have.

      2. Yes, you can make the money from your music. How? See this article for more details.

      You will find your answers there.

      I hope I have tried enough.

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