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Silver Praise’s “Come In” Song Review: Who’s Coming In? Come In Where?


Silver Praise Come In Song Review

The song is a single recently released by a Nigerian gospel artiste named Silver Praise.  The song out-rightly reflects the faith of the artiste as one who believes in God and in His son Jesus Christ.

While the song is a soft slow flow of words blended with the required rhythmic.  The artiste was not any dramatic about the song; he simply made it plain and straightforward.

He seems to be more concerned about passing the impression of the inevitableness and Majesty of God, and less to do with creating a high sensation in its listeners. The plainness of the song might not make it captivating to an average listener who isn’t a music addict.

This in itself is not an issue unless for the fact that it might not readily get the attention of its most anticipated audience, “teens and youth”. This is because the beautiful lyrics of a song might not get communicated to the target audience if the song does not get catchy on first encounter.

The artiste actually poured out his burdens howbeit subtly on the need for Jesus to come in. Come in where? You would wonder…  The answer is not farfetched from the lyrics but then it’s not so direct. He mentions gates and doors. This is a symbolic representation of a man’s heart.

Thus, the importance of this song comes to play. The song is not just a chorus but it has an evangelical undertone. Believers get reminded of the need to always allow Jesus come into any situation that life poses at them.

While it’s not the usual fast paced and foot tapping pop that gets people especially youths intrigued with a song. The beat does not always make the song. Its uniqueness therefore lies in its solemnity which is suitable for meditation. And you sure need that a lot as a growing believer.

All in all, while the artiste has done a good job at communicating his heart through this rhythm, he would do well to add some sensations that easily capture people’s attention when producing another song. This is because the wider the audience, the wider the impact.

To listen to or download the song, click here.

Review Made by: Esther Ayenuro

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