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Should I Drop a Single or an Album First?

Should I Drop a Single or an Album First?


For the past few years that I have been listening to music or probably an artiste myself in the music industry, I discovered and learned a lot of things about how you get to grow your career gradually.

I get to know that upcoming artiste (singer/rapper particularly) always get go through this stage of deciding whether they should release Singles or drop an Album or EP at least.

From the look of things, you don’t just go around to dropping tracks or album as an upcoming artiste, I know consistency is the key to stay on top of your game but you have to be careful with the way you release your songs (there are other things to do aside release a song consistently which will still keep you on top of your game).

As an upcoming artiste, you have to study, analyze and plan how you want your music/career to be presented to the world and your audience.

I have always come across singers who are planning to drop an album when they don’t have a SINGLE! Who does that?

So, today I will be telling you why you need to drop at least three or more singles at the early stage of your musical career before considering dropping an EP or Album.

  1. Dropping Singles Will Introduce You
  2. Study How Your First Single Went Down
  3. Learn From Your Mistakes
  4. Dropping Singles Makes Your Fans More Familiar with Your art
  5. Study Your Progress

Now, let’s go into the details.

  1. Dropping Singles First Will Introduce You

Remember, you are just a new guy in the music industry, nobody knows you, no one has ever listened to you before, even some of your friends who heard you can sing don’t believe you can and those friends who believe you can sing still won’t listen to your song.

You have to note that your friends are your first fan. So why waste your whole budget on an album which not even half of your friends will care to listen to?

So, it’s best to start with a single, then another single to make more of your friends listen to you. The more your friends listen to you, the more they are likely to share your songs with their friend who will likely become your fan.

Your First song (single) is a means of introducing your art to the world, with your first song people will decide to either listen to you the next time or not.

  1. Dropping Singles Makes Your Fans More Familiar With Your Art
  2. Study How Your Last Song Went Down

How was your last single? How many downloads did you manage to secure from your friends (forget about the number download you get from promotion on blogs).

How do people feel about your first song? Was it bad? Do they give the song nice review or good one? You have to answer these questions in a paper to help you sort out how you want your next song to be.

Don’t take any negative review you get from your song as bad energy, some people are actually saying the truth although everyone is not going to like your art.

Maybe someone listened and told your “Your voice is bad” in your first song. What do you have to do? Throw jabs at them? Hell No! Go back to your closet, Listen to the song again and again to discover which part your voice went bad.

  1. Learn From Your Mistakes Before You Drop Another Single

You probably have studied and seen your mistakes from your last song, am sure you don’t want to make the same mistake again.

So, to keep your fans and probably get more fan, you have to correct each mistakes from your last song.

Maybe the mistake you made from your last song was the producer you used; he didn’t mix the song well, try to use another producer or tell your producer to find ways to correct those mistakes.

Maybe you didn’t sound too well in your last single, practice more and learn how to improve your voice.

  1. Study Your Progress

You have dropped your first single, studied how it went down, learnt from your mistakes then dropped another single. The next thing for you to do is study your progress.

By progress I mean, your growth in the music industry. Are you able to get more fans? Have you gotten the right fans? Do you have more streams/downloads? Have you grown up as an artiste?

If you were able to answer all this questions positively then you should probably consider dropping an EP or Album to broaden your horizon.

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