“Music is a Pleasant sound to the soul and God” – Silver Praise claimed in an Exclusive Interview with Sounds4TheKing


Silver Praise

Music is an instrumental tool of influence in this fast moving world. Thus, attention needs be paid to how to further promote excellence in the music world and at the same time touch many lives positively.

Sounds4TheKing is a platform which sets out to achieve this aim and much more in particular ensure that the gospel music thrives in a controversial society. Thus, this afternoon, we’ll be holding an interview with a promising artiste, who has made music his choice.

And we hope that through this, other upcoming artistes who are anxious about how the music world runs will get a comforting answer to all questions in their hearts.

I have here with me a special guest, who will bless us this afternoon from his wealth of wisdom. We’re glad to have to here sir, welcome on board, Can we meet you pls?

First of all I want to sincerely appreciate for having me here, Well my name is Alagbe Silver, stage name Silver Praise, I am from Togo, but currently in Nigeria.

Wow, It’s nice having you here too Silver Praise, You’ve been in the music industry for how long?

I have been into the music industry for 11 years now

Wow, that’s huge, What inspired you to come into the music industry? Why music?

They’re comes a time in my life when I had an accident in 2011 and during the period of the accident I was asking myself what else can I do in life? What can I offer my generation? Because my two legs and right hand was broken in the cause of the accident so while thinking and asking myself these questions of, I heard the voice who says to me “sing to my glory” and I knew it’s God speaking, so immediately I sent for a pen and a book and I began to compose song right from that day and that is how I started.

This is heart rending I must say, many would have felt disadvantaged and worthless because of their challenge but for you, it was a decisive point to bless your generation. If only there are many who would act the way you did, the world would be a better place.

Are you fully into music or do have other interests?

Yes, I do order things too which is building construction engineering

So would I be right to call you a music engineer on a lighter mood?

Yes oooooo

What kind of music do you specialise in? And why?

Well, I specialise on adoration worship because I want my generation to know how great God is and how faithful He is just like one of the song in my album titled “Holy Is Your Name”. Where I sang “Holy is your name oh God of all creation faithful is your name Jehovah elohim you are so good in all situation we cry holy holy is your name

Hmm, adoration, that’s quite unique, the more we adore God above all things, the more we are opened up to great possibilities in Him. That’s a good one Silver Praise

So, what is music to you? How do you define it?

I define music as pleasant sounds to the soul and to God if it’s a gospel

Do you have a music artiste that inspires you and that you follow?

Yeah, Dunsin Oyekan.

Wow, He happens to be a favourite of mine too. What does it take to be a good music artiste?

It takes a lot to be a good music artist but I only stated out the most important ones which is consistent self training and rehearsal practice passion and determination.

Is it true that it will cost so much money to thrive in the music industry?

Yes, It’s true

Knowing how sensitive music is, how do you strike the balance between producing a good music and at the same time ensure it bless lives?

Yeah, you just have to let the spirit of God to have his way and also making sure you pay the price to make sure it bless lies.

How many songs or albums have you released so far?

One album, 6 songs so far

Do you have a long term plan for music? If yes, what structures you are putting in place to enforce it?

Yes, the structures I am putting in place is consistently praying ahead and setting aside budgets to finance my music career.

Wow, may God help you sir, what has your experience been like since you started music?

It’s not really easy but I have experienced God’s blessings and faithfulness since I came into music ministry as a gospel music minister.

Lastly before we go, what advice do you have for young and upcoming gospel music artiste?

I will love to tell them to be consistent and passionate about anything they do as an upcoming gospel music artist because consistency makes room for you as an artist, it also gives you the best results, while the passion keep you going no matter what happens and above all, they should never give up for God is faithful and able to do all things.

Wow. Thanks for this, Mr. Alagbe Silver, we do really appreciate you for your every insights shared on this platform. Thanks for your time, endurance and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you soar in greater heights even in the music industry

Interviewed by Esther Ayenuro

Interview Hosted by Sounds4TheKing Media Group

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