List of Songs With Jesus In Their Title

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List of Songs with Jesus in their title or lyrics

Gospel Songs are way of expressing our feelings and emotions in worshiping and praising His (God) Holiness. There are millions of Gospel Songs released everyday with different titles which always spells out the theme behind each songs.

Among all these Gospel Songs are songs with “Jesus or Jesus Christ“ in their titles, name or lyrics. From the title itself, we can all tell that these songs speaks specifically about Jesus Christ, Either about his Kingship, his suffering or the salvation he offered unto us as sinners.

There are lots of Gospel Songs with Jesus in their title, name or lyrics but here, we bring you the lists of Songs with Jesus in either their title, lyrics or name from our prestigious blog. Each songs are from wonderful singers and ministers. Most of them speaks of Jesus’ power, sovereignty, love, death, suffering and salvation to all human being.

Below are the exclusive lists of songs from Sounds4TheKing that specifically speaks about Jesus Christ, browse through them and have a blessed day.


  1. Mercy Chinwo – Oh Jesus – Download MP3
  2. Aleah Dangbua – I Believe In You Jesus – Download MP3
  3. Marvel Joks – Jesus Oh – Download MP3
  4. Mercy Chinwo – Power Belong to Jesus – Download MP3
  5. Purist Ogboi – I Belong to you Jesus – Download MP3
  6. DynaMic – It’s All About Jesus (Album) – Download MP3
  7. Onos – Your Name Jesus – Download MP3
  8. Tosin Alao ft Tope Alabi – The Name of Jesus – Download MP3
  9. Evans Ogboi – Anumneka Jesus – Download MP3
  10. Joe Praize – Powerful Jesus – Download MP3
  11. Isaac Yatu – Precious Jesus – Download MP3
  12. Enakeno – The Name Jesus – Download MP3
  13. Bibiola – Jesus – Download MP3
  14. Petual – Jesus For Me – Download MP3
  15. Zicky POG – Jesus – Download MP3
  16. Mercy Ann – Jesus – Download MP3
  17. E Josh – Jesus – Download MP3
  18. Blessing Atori ft Tony Richie – Obara Jesus – Download MP3
  19. Mojee – Follow Jesus (Album) – – Download MP3
  20. Zadeno – Your Name Jesus – Download MP3
  21. Chocho – Jesus The Name – Download MP3
  22. Gentle Jane – The Name of Jesus – Download MP3
  23. Olufunke ft. Beejay Sax – Jesus – Download MP3
  24. Tutu Sofowora – Beautiful Jesus  – Download MP3
  25. Clarkson Ikwuenze – Good Jesus – Download MP3
  26. David Dayo – I Call You Jesus – Download MP3

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