List of Mount Zion Movies/Films You Should Download and Watch in 2020

Mount Zion Film Production

The Mount Zion Films Production is the leading Christian Movie producer in the century. They have proven their excellence in different movies with great plots and educative stories.

Led by Mike Bamikoye A., Mount Zion Film Production started around 1992 with their first movie “Agbara Nla” which serves as a stepping stone to their stardom. Other movies that lead to their popularity are Just a Little Sin, Blood on the Alter, Apoti Eri, The god are dead among many others.

Ever since then, they have produced and keep on producing Christian Movies to elevate and educate believers around the world.

The year 2020 is not an exception as they have in their catalogue interesting movies which are being released starting from January, 2020.

Below are the Lists of Mount Zion Films or Movies you should probably download and watch in the year 2020.

  1. The Train
The train Mount Zion Movie Mp4 Download
The Train: The Journey of Life

The Train is a biographical movie on the early life of Mike Bamiloye. The Mount Zion Film Productions movie features Seun Adejumobi, Omolara Ayoola, Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye and many others.

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  1. Shackles
Shackles Part 2 (Fetters of Iron)
Shackles Part 2 (Fetters of Iron)

“Shackles” was produced by Mount Zion Films Production in conjunction with Flaming Sword Ministries International

<strong>WATCH HERE</strong>

  1. Land of Fury

Land of Fury Download Full Movie

Land of Fury“ was written and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. The movie stars Elthosyn Emmanuel, Joseph Opadele, Kolo Peters, Adeboye Tomisin, Joseph Musa, Amao Peter. 


  1. My Mother-In-Law

 “My Mother-in-law” was produced from the stables of the Mount Zion Film Productions. It was released on YouTube on Sunday, April 5, 2020, on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s channel. The 76-minute movie was written by Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye.


  1. Abejoye

Abejoye Season 3 part 2

The Mount Zion Film movie series Abejoye has been the rave of the moment for a while now. The movie is one of the most popular movies from the MZFP. Abejoye started with Season 1 (Part 1) – The King Maker which follows the Story of Abejoye Olayiotan who is one of the reverend Priests in the town of Ajibogun and also their King-Maker


  1. Abattoir

Abattoir Episode 1 Mount Zon

Abattoir captures the story of a young lad who is born into a rich and wealthy home but whose sweet and innocent life got a twist after he lost his mother to a mysterious death.

Being unable to reconcile himself to this tragedy, he tries to put the ugliness behind him by starting an new phase of life. But he realises that after years of escapade, he was still trapped in the ugliness of his past.


  1. Knotted

Knotted Part 1 and 2 was Written and Produced by Victor Olukoju for Mount Zion Film Productions.


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