King Amoz Releases New Song & Interview Session


King Amoz Jesus Na baba

How far do you want the brand name King Amoz to go?

Well, man will plan but God approves; for me I’d say, the brand name should grow world wide nevertheless I am but a humble servant of God and I’ll do my job to serve him and pray… Surely it will happen for God is not a man that he’ll fail.

So, on God, we move… (Smiles)

The studio rocks with laughter as all repeats the slang, We Move…

What motivates your inspiration?

The word of God is what inspires me and my testimonies and everyday makes me want to do more cause seeing what men have and still do marvels me that keeps my fire burning for Christ

Since Took Away; take us through the responses from fans and how your new single Jesus na Baba started?

The response am still receiving from took away is overwhelming.

I have had some of my fans call me to say; the song is number one on their playlist that is they play it  every day.

How the song Jesus na baba came from a woman in the choir group i was before. She actually composed the chorus and asked me to complete the song, so i went home that day in a quiet place that was how i composed my part of the song and God surely will bless every listener.

Qiuck one… Can you ignore a recording session for your woman?

Smiles, I don’t have a woman in my life now but it’s depends if it’s something serious I can leave the studio to attend to her because a woman is a man’s rib and my oga how I go sing if my rib dey pain me… oya reason am na…

With our today’s world situation many say your song is a great reminder on whom to trust…What inspired the song and its lyrics?

I really love this question because life itself inspires me through the word of God… with the doctors note on my health and the country’s economy it can only God… my lyrics, my singing, my being is inspired by God heavens’ mercies faithfulness power joy… the list goes on.

What keeps you going through the challenges?

The bible says give thanks to God and I practice this through praises to God and have never been found wanting so I again praise the Lord (He screamed with Joy)…

When should we expect your Album?

Surely soon but with the direction of the Holy Ghost from whence I stand see ear and eat I know if I continue with him my good news will continue cause I want my Album to impact lives and make a miracle wave… so, yes to my Album but when; we’ll know soon…

What quote will you leave us with today?

All things work together for those that love God absolutely everything and anything.

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