“KANIPE” (the Sexual Purity Move) Written by Oyedokun Samuel


Oyedokun Samuel Kanipe

Shadows have replaced beings

And humans are nowhere to be found

Kanipe they know that it is a destiny bond

And the father is strictly against it


Chioma’s lap has become the softest pillow

Ikechukwu sleeps forgetting what might happen tomorrow

Then, brother Dele is secretly desiring Moyeni’s lips

Kanipe they can just give themselves to knowledge and have a glimpse


Sex has become a household word

The sacred act has become a compulsory ritual

A proof? No, God didn’t have sex as a proof his love to us

Who then had Bewitched you?


Who has degraded your thinking to such a degraded level?

That you cherish such occultic intimacy than your father’s

You find solace in the bosom of a whore


Oh, you never had sex but your lips are not idle

Constantly engaging in filthy and explicit talks

Oh your lips are bridled but you cannot resit Ife’s hips

Your mind has created 20 different scenes with her in grip


Depressed Sister Grace has nowhere to go than James Room

Your are water, he is fire, he now becomes your spiritual father

You touch him, he is gone, he touches you, he is still gone

What then has darkness got to do with light


Kanipe you can just sit down and think over

And stop all this demonic complacency

Kanipe you know that blood is thicker than water

And a covenant is made, which was why Jesus died “ON A CROSS”


Kanipe you know that the father is in love with you and not what you are doing

Stand up and join the move

Be firm for Sexual Purity



  1. Kanipe people has the understanding of the love of God for them.. It will have been better… More Grace, anointing in thy name of Jesus.. Keep soaring 💯


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