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How To Attract People To Download Your Song


As a gospel music artiste I have made a lot of mistake when I dropped my first single, I don’t want YOU to make the same mistake. People who download new music from a new artiste/singer on website or blog do so for one reason or the other.

I once ask a friend of mine “why would you download a new song by an artiste you never knew on a blog?”  he gave some cool answers and some odd ones. So let’s go straight to the pint, below are 6 ways to attract people to download your first song on a blog.


Think your music as an advertisement placed on a wall, the catchier your title the more people will likely click to know more.

Do you want your song to be downloaded at a first glance? Use this trick. Use an eye-catching title that when people see it, they would wonder the kind of message you want to dish out with this new music? The only one way for to find out is for them to click and download your song. In a nutshell, have a CATCHY TITLE.


A Picture worth a thousand words right? The more explanatory your art cover is, the more a blog visitor would want to download your song. An art cover without your picture on it will only push people away from your song.

A good art cover should have your picture, stage name and social media links on it, it would be more attractive is your art cover is “descriptive” in nature e.g Let’s say you sang a song for the death of Christ, it would be nicer if you had a cross designed on the art cover with your picture.


Description about your song is very compulsory, describe what the song is about, how you gave it the title, why you gave it the title and the inspiration behind the song.

A good description should be at least 250 words long, short description don’t do fine on anything.


Nobody wants to have anything to do with a ghost. Before you even plan on dropping your first single draft your artiste Bio, upload it on the blog with your song. Don’t know how to write an artiste Bio?


When I released my debut single, I shared the download link (from datafilehost) to one of my friend on Facebook, he told me he won’t download my song with the link I provided, I asked him why then he said “Datafilehost has virus on it, upload your song on good website bro”.

Don’t want to make the same mistake? Try as much as possible to upload your song on protected website/blog, we do that at an affordable price

  1. LYRICS:

I would advise you to upload the lyrics to your song alongside the song on blog. This will make people more familiar with your song once before and after they downloaded it.

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