GMB (a.k.a E Praise) Debuts You Cover Me


GMB - You Cover Me

The message of the song speaks about God’s daily protection over our lives. We often take for granted the unseen attacks but God is constantly covering us and keeping us.

The soundtrack comprises of a unique, trendy afrobeat fusion.  The song was created with the intent to invoke a grateful and celebratory attitude for the artist and the listeners.

Renwick is no stranger to understanding the importance of God’s covering. His passion for living comes from being broken, torn, cast out and homeless. He knew there was a higher purpose and kept the faith. He believes that everyone has a purpose and life is meaningless when your purpose is unknown. Jesus does not only forgive sins but he reconnects us to our God-given purpose. This has become the soundtrack of Renwick’s life

Renwick Duesbury was born in the United  Kingdom and grew up in Guyana, South America. He currently resides in the United States where he started “Living on Purpose Records,” which focuses on music and content that will inspire people to live on purpose by spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

“You Cover Me” Credits:

Artist: Renwick Duesbury

Executive Producer: Renwick Duesbury

Co-Producer: Catchphrase

Video Producer: Dale Marshall


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