At the time I wrote this Track, I was going through alot and thoughts of what has happened and what didn’t happen and what will happen, was just revolving around me trying to bring Depression and anxiety and Frustration to me, But I just woke up one morning and saw God’s word that Says, “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our Faith”.

So I took my eyes off what the Devil was showing me, and started seeing and talking what God’s word says about me.

Microphone Knight stands for a believer that stands even in Stormy times and speaks what God’s word is saying about the situation not what the situation Says.

You’re a microphone Knight, if you don’t allow the challenge bend you, instead you bend the challenge till it breaks.



Olalekan Adebulu

Gospel Music Blogger/Promoter | Website Designer | Freelancer | Gospel Rapper | Graphic Designer.Want to hire me to design your website? or You Need To promote Your Gospel Song? Call/Whatsapp: 08116066383

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