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Abattoir Episode 1 Mount Zon

Synopsis: Abattoir captures the story of a young lad who is born into a rich and wealthy home but whose sweet and innocent life got a twist after he lost his mother to a mysterious death.

Being unable to reconcile himself to this tragedy, he tries to put the ugliness behind him by starting an new phase of life. But he realises that after years of escapade, he was still trapped in the ugliness of his past.

Review: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye once again has demonstrated his brilliance and creativity when it comes to producing good and inspiring movies. Abattoir, his recently released movie is an episodic movie which beats convention.

Martins declared to his father, “My life, my world, my dream, as empty and pathetic as they may be are far better than anything shared with sir…”This was a declaration made out of frustration and anger by Martins when he is going through some crisis and puzzles that he can’t seem to get an answer to.

The layout of the Episode 1 plot, the music and sound, the lighting and camera effect all gave a pleasurable combination that will keep you glued to your screen.

Damilola Mke-Bamiloye (grown Martins) displays his wits and good sense of humour in Abattoir Episode 1, thereby adding some comic flavour to the film.

What more, the movie reflects happenings in the Nigerian society that you could easily relate with so much that you could almost have a feel that Abattoir Episode 1 is non-fictional, an instance was the interaction between Martins and his students in class.

Finally, Abattoir is a movie that captures the interesting and challenging twists of life. And having seen the Episode 1 of Abattoir with its catchy scenes, I can’t help wanting more like Oliver twist!

So, if you crave for something real and classic, you should see Abattoir.

Damilola Mike-Bamiloye has written and produced many interesting movie, he recently produced one of the greatest movie from Mount Zion Films Production “The Train”, the auto-biography of Mike A. Bamiloye.

Abattoir was produced under The Mount Zion Films Production, written and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye.

Director: Damilola Mike-Bamloye

Producer: Mount Zion Films Production

Cast: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, Kayode Owojori, Goodness Adegbola, Korede Area, Kayode Babalola

Year: 2020

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