What you should know as a Gospel Artiste
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What You Should Know as a Gospel Artiste/Singer

PROMOTE YOUR SONG WITH US Basic Musical Terms you Should Know as a Gospel Artiste There are a lot of musical terms used in the Gospel Music Mindustry and knowing what these terms means is useful in expanding your knowledge...

How To Register On GospelNaija

How To Register On GospelNaija.Com

How To Register on GospelNaija.Com Of all Gospel Music Blog in Nigeria, GospelNaija stands out to be the only blog that provides the opportunities for Gospel Musicians to make extra income with their music whenever their song is on the...

Life Guard


Addiction This is one of the major “assassin on parade” taking down our youths gradually physically, spiritually, morally, financially, academically, emotionally and socially or in any other ways you might think of. It gives a little-time pleasure then destroys someone...

Careful What You Pray For
Life Guard

Be Careful What You Pray For

  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR Have you ever prayed for days, months, years and you haven’t seen the signs of the prayer getting answered? Have you ever prayed, get the answers to your prayers and you think the...

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