Abejoye Movie Series Review and Season 4 Release Date

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Abejoye Season 4

The Mount Zion Film movie series Abejoye has been the rave of the moment for a while now. The movie is one of the most popular movies from the MZFP. Abejoye started with Season 1 (Part 1) – The King Maker which follows the Story of Abejoye Olayiotan who is one of the reverend Priests in the town of Ajibogun and also their King-Maker.

Abejoye Olayiotan later travelled to London to visit his Son and his families for three weeks. On his way to go back to Ajibogun town, Pastor took him to his own house where he later got Converted in Season 1 (Part Two) – The King Maker. Ever since then, it has been a thug of war between Abejoye Olayiotan and the Chiefs from Ajibogun Town.

Abejoye Season 2 (Part 1) – The Peacemaker was a follow up of Season 1 (Part 2). Abejoye faced a lot of battles with Chief and Chief Priests from his town which he won by the Power in the Name of Jesus. Also Abejoye Season 3 (Part 1) – My Defender continues his struggle and fight with Chief Priests from his town, Ajibogun.

But Abejoye Season 3 (Part 2) – My Defender took another turn as Abejoye Olayiotan disobeyed the instructions Pastor gave him not to answer any questions from the Chief Priest who came to visit him in from London, but he did otherwise and he got attacked which took toll on his life.

In his dream, he got an encounter with the Holy Spirit which he called “My Defender”, telling him (Abejoye Olayiotan) that he has disobeyed simple instructions not because he insulted the Chief Priest who came visiting but because of the Pride in his heart. Then the Holy Spirit told him “His Soul is more important than the ministry given to him” i.e His soul will be taken while it’s still the best time. He begged for mercy but (His Defender) turned his back on him and walked away.

Back at Ajibogun town, another war started as one of the Chief Priest, Chief Oluoje who got converted to Christ in his dream started evangelism, he healed one of his daughter with Epilepsy by calling on “Jesus of Abejoye Olayiotan”. He later told the king and chiefs that he is going to hold a 7 day Crusade on the same week the town want to celebrate their masquerade.

Later, Abejoye Olayiotan was forgiven and his soul was returned back to him as he woke up from his sleep.

Abejoye Season 3 – Part 2 (My Defender) ended as Abejoye Olayiotan decided to go back to his home town to continue his ministration and evangelism, leaving us all in suspension and asking, will there be Abejoye Season 4? What will happen in Abejoye 4?

Currently, there is no news from Mount Zion Films about the release of Abejoye Season 4, there is no release date yet but from what happened last in the last Season, I am pretty sure that Mount Zion Films will be back with Abejoye 4 very soon.

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